Saturday, December 07, 2013

Swedish Team Champs 2013 - Games 3, 4 & 5

My life for 3 weeks straight
It seems that as ever things keep conspiring against me to get my battle reports done. 3 weeks now and I haven't even managed to fully write up one. So as such, and because the longer things go the less I remember, I am now just going to have to amalgamate the last 3 games into one post. Sorry all. This could be blamed by the fact I am feeling very disheartened with what is happening to 40k these past few weeks. All these new supplements, datasheets, formations and now Escalation and Stronghold Assault are putting the nail in the coffin for me and 40k outside of a heavily comped environment. But more about that next time.

Ok less of my somewhat traditional bitching and moaning pre-ramble. Let's get back to the Swedish Team champs and get these battle reports sorted...

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Swedish Team Champs 2013 - Game 2

GAST - the best gamers in Gothenburg
It was the morning after the first game; the team champs is run as 1 game Friday, 3 Saturday, 1 Sunday, and I was feeling surprisingly fresh despite having sat up most of the night with Patrick, Andy, and the rest of the Danish ETC gang drinking and talking about 40k till the very small hours (once again they were over in force). After scoffing down a little breakfast and a lot of coffee it was back down to the venue to discover that our round 2 opponents, just like our round 1, were yet more fellow Gothenburg gamers...

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Swedish Team Champs 2013 - Game 1

The Skäggmaffian
Last year I joined 3 of the super powers of Swedish 40k to create a team that went by the name of Skäggmafian for the 2012 Swedish Team Champs. Things went well, very well indeed, and we took 1st place over all. This year the beard maffia was back with Max rocking Eldar, Olof on Tau, Joakim was running Chaos Marines and Chaos Daemons, whilst myself went for a White Scar and Dark Angel combo. The question on everyone's lips was... would we make it 1st place 2 years in a row?

Monday, November 04, 2013

Flabbergast - Game 5 & Debrief

Kevin, Me & Liam - Tokyo 2020 or bust!
3 weeks on since my last post and finally I am finishing my batreps for Flabbergast. In the hiatus since my last post I have been busy as usual, with work and studies, PLUS I was recently in Stockholm as coach to 2 of the young players from Gothenburg rugby club who have been selected as potential 7s Rugby players to the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo! Exciting stuff!

I also went to Swedish Team Championships this weekend once again as part of Skäggmaffian, with the aim of defending our title from last year. Though more on what happened next time. For now lets get the my final game at Flabbergast out of the way...

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Flabbergast - Games 3 & 4

Right time to get back to those Flabbergat battle reports; the first 2 games were finished and after a narrow win and a pretty thumping victory which saw me sitting pretty in the top 10 of draw (for those who missed them the first 2 games, and my army lists can be FOUND HERE). Moving into game 3 I was to be pitted against my good friend and fellow Skäggmafian Joakim "the jesus beard" Engström and his Imperial Fist / Imperial Guard combo...

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Feels like 3rd Edition

Whilst reading Front Line Gaming last night I saw an article by Reecius on 2 new list ideas he has for Space Marines (I may or may not have been on the toilet whilst doing this... come on we all know you read 40k blogs there as well....). Within seconds I was pulling up my Space Marine codex to check... can Crusader Squads really take 5 man Las/Plas squads still? 

The answer of course is yes and so in a fit of 3rd (and 4th) Edition nostalgia I slapped together my own 3rd Edition-Esque Las/Plas Space Marine list:

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Flabbergast - Games 1 & 2

A couple of weekends ago saw a bunch of geeks descend upon an unsuspecting recruitment company's offices in Gothenburg. It was 'of course' Flabbergast - Sweden's newest tournament organised by the Skäggmaffian and a Mr Oscar De Palma Miranda (another awesome gamer from GAST). As with many Swedish tournaments there was a comprehensive comp system in place to help level the playing field between codex's and force people to win games without crutch units.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Ravenwing Tic Tacs pt. II

As ever with me it seems that whenever I write in a post; "more to follow next week", I invariably get caught up in real life and don't follow through. So as ever, once more, in perpetuity, sorry...

Ok lets get straight down to business; last time I talked about general Ravenwing Tic Tacs; their strengths and how to get the most out of those. This time around I am going to talk about some more specific units...

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Ravenwing Tic Tacs

For the past month or so I have been getting lots of interest from fellow Bike-o-philes on how I play my Ravenwing. Which I guess is only to be expected given I was the top scoring Dark Angel player at the ETC (I beat Hylander on VPs to take 1st from him). So I keep promising people I will write some in a in depth Tic Tac for the Ravenwing - but with Uni, Teaching, Rugby etc life has become busy again in Skcuzz land. But never fear! At last here it is!

Before I start I would recommend checking out my post on the 5 Things That Make Ravenwing Tick

Ok so everyone read that? Good. Now to get the ball rolling this first post will deal with Ravenwing Tic Tacs in a more general way, with part 2 (to follow next week) focussing on Ravenwing builds and also countering problem matches.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Nova Open Live Stream Starts Today

Pat and the guys at 11th Company will be live streaming the top table for the Nova Invitational and Open all weekend on Ustream. Just click on the link below to watch the action: 

I know I will be watching to see if the UK's own Alex 'Pikachu' Harrison will make it to the top tables or not.

Thursday, August 22, 2013


No I am not shocked at the disappointment that is the Black Legion codex (if you haven't read about it just do a quick google and all will be revealed). Nor have I been left totally perplexed by why GW would model the new Space Marine Centurions on an Ice Hockey Goalie. I am of course talking about the newest 40k tournament to hit Sweden; FLABBERGAST! which is GAST* - Gothenburg's best wargaming club's newest venture in the land of 40k

*nobody knows what GAST stands for. Many have being asked but none knew the answer.