Tuesday, December 11, 2012

GAST Masters 2012 Part 3: The Call of Cthulhu

Mmmmmm lussekatter
After some more banter, Christmas drinks and goodies (mmm lussekatter), plus having drawn a Christmas card to be sent to another Swedish gaming club, it was time to get another game in before the day drew to a close; there is no set number of games or players you should play at the GAST Masters, you just find someone who wants to play and get on with it  (the record stands at 7 games in 1 day).

My opponent for what would be final 'singles' game of the day would be Asplund and his mindbogglingly AMAZING Cthulhu Tyranids (we did end the day with a big 8 player mega fight, because frankly why not?). I mean come on guys, it is near sickening how many gorgeous armies the players at GAST have!!!
Asplund's true form


Parasite of Mortrex
Hive Guard
Death Leaper
10 Termagants
10 Rippers
5 Genestealers and a Broodlord
10 Gargoyles
3 Spore Mines

(n.b. I forgot to take any in game photos but did get some good snaps of Asplund's army) 

Asplund's lists are always a little left field from the norm (boring samey armies?) as half of it is about allowing to create these amazing counts as units. All the same I wasn't going to let that lull me into a false sense of security as I knew fully well how good a gamer he is. Unlike my previous 2 opponents Asplund's army was all about close combat and in that respect he would beat me. I knew I had to try and pick my fights and hold him off for as long as possible so he hit me piece meal. So for that reason I chose my Primary mission to be that I had to defend my home objectives and have more units in my DZ at the end of the game than he did. With the secondary been to kill his most expensive psyker (so his Tervigon). Asplund picked the same secondary knowing Typhus would have to expose himself and try to do a lot of the heavy lifting in assault. His Primary though was to just control 2 of the 4 objectives on the board. However he doesn't get to pick which 2, it is down to a random dice roll and in the end it was in no-mans land and another that was also my own home obejective! This was going to be a fight and a half.

Cthulhu the Swarmlord
I deployed the majority of my army in a large basilisk emplacement in my DZ whilst the spawn took my right flank behind a building. Apslund loaded his Gargoyles with the Parasite, Tervigon, Hive Guard and Rippers on my right flank as well. Then infiltrated his Stealers and Broodlord on the other side of the building from my Spawn. Which put them into first turn charge range of my Spawn (he forgot it is only scouts and infiltrators that cannot charge on turn 1) to which I promptly obliged. The rest of my forces shuffled a little and my Plaguemarines moved towards the right flank to bring some covering fire against all those Cthulhu beaties coming my way. The Spawm charged in and got poisoned attacks. Johan's Broodlord and Stealers generally wiffed and only killed a single Spawn despite all their attacks. Unfortunatly I rolled a 1 for the number of attacks and then Asplund went and passed all his armour saves. Oh dear. Sure I didn't expect to kill them all but I hoped to put a dint in them as next round he would be able to cast Iron Arm on his Broodlord...

The Parasite...
Which he promptly does and rolls S and T 8. Ouch this is going to hurt! Before combat though he begins to move his forces up my right flank, using the cover there to hide from my Obliterators and cut the LOS arcs down from my Plaguemarines. Thankfully, for me, his Tervigon both craps out straight away with only a few Termagants coming out, and then goes and suffers a wound from Perils when he tires to enfeeble my spawn. Onto assault and my Spawn take a real pounding from the Stealers and Broodlord but this time I manage to at least kills some in return. It is grinding but at least those beasties are not chomping down on my Zombies.

Broodlord and Genestealers...
Turn 2 and The Lord of the Flies comes zooming onto the board, vectoring the newly arrived Termagants and also blurping all over a bunch of Gargoyles and Rippers taking a whole bunch of them out. I move my Obliterators up the centre towards his Tervigon and blast another wound off the beastie with my Assault Cannons. Then I send my Plaguemarines round the building in an attempt to join the Spawn in assault and create more of a road block for Johan's incoming army, however I (finally) fail a charge (5" through terrain) and they are left sitting there like a bunch of chumps. The Spawn vs Stealer prize fight continues and I am brought down to a 2 Spawn but Asplunds Stealers are all dead leaving the Broodlord alone.

However it is his turn and the Tervigon goes for Warp Speed and joins the Iron Armed Broodlord into assault against my Spawn. A whole load of Smash attacks later (Warp Speed pus Crushing Claws is bloody nasty) my spawn are reduced to green stains on the hard rocky ground. He then follows that up by charging his Gargoyles, Parasite and Rippers into my Plaguemarines. A few of my guys go down, including the Champion in a challenge with the Parasite, but I deal a few kills back myself.

Purple Cthulhu Ripper beasties and Gargoyles
Turn 3 begins and I know the Plaguemarines will grind it out with the Gargoyles and Rippers, but I need to get in there and help them as the Parasite has rending and that will eventually take its toll. However there is the small problem of a Tervigon and Broodlord to deal with. I decide to send my Obliterators against the Broodlord and solo Typhus against the Tervigon (he is btw T6 in this game due to the 'weather' table - forgot to mention that earlier). I only need a 5+ with the Oblits and a 6+ with Typhus... both of which I fail. Oh cock! the Plaguemarines grind out combat again with a few casualties on each side, whilst The Lord of the Flies vectors over Asplund's Hive Guard, killing it, and then turboing off the board.

I know what is coming and Asplund is quick to oblige charging his Broodlord on S8 T8 (again) and his Warp Speeded Tervigon into my Obliterators and Typhus respectively. The Tervigon squishes the Obliterators with yet more S10 smashes, whilst Typhus takes 2 wounds from the Broodlords rending claws. Enraged about this he swings Manreaper a mighty 9 times and the Broodlord is dead! It is a challenge so I roll on the Gift Table and Typhus now has Eternal Warrior. Yeah bring it on Mr Tervigon...
(oh and the plaguemarines, parasite, gargoyles and rippers do next to nothing to each other again)

The Death Leaper Hound
I need to take on the Tervigon now before he gets to my Zombies as he will just mush them up with all the possible bonus attacks from Warp Speed and Crushing Claws. So to start proceedings The Lord of the Flies swoops overhead and slashes 2 wounds off the Tervigon, leaving it with 3 to go. Then it is straight to the main event; Typhus tries to reduce the Tervigon's toughness and strength but the combination of the Death Leaper reducing his leadership to 8 and Shadows in the Warp is too much, looks like this will have to be done the old fashioned way (well actually that was always the plan). Typhus charges in and the Tervigon lays into him, Asplund scores 3 wounds, but I manage to save 2 of them through a combination of invulnerable and feel no pain saves. Typhus lifts Manreaper on high... and then stabs himself in the face! BUGGER! Typhus is down to a single wound now but thankfully in the new CSM book he still gets his base attacks even after suffering a wound from a Daemon Weapon. 4 Attacks slam home and I deal 3 straight wounds to the Tervigon laying it low in one go! Woooo! But wait it is a challenge... I roll on the Gift table... 65! APOTHEOSIS!!!!! Typhus is elevated to a Daemon Prince and essentially gains all his lost wounds back! DOUBLE WOOOOOO!

Hive Guard
God damn I am a lucky bugger! Asplund chuckles, shakes his head and gets on with seeing how he can deny me my mission. The Deathleaper, who had shown up last turn, charges round a rock stack and into my Zombies, hacking a bunch down and locking them in combat without a chance of Daemon-Typhus been able to help. The Plaguemarine vs the World combat grinds on and I am down to a single Plaguemarine at the end. Time for reinforcements... the Lord of the Flies hovers around and blurps over the last remaining Termagants ensuring Asplund won't get his Primary mission no matter what. The Daemon-Typhus charges into rescue the last plaguemarine, challenges the Parasite, smashes him to the ground and gains Feel No Pain as a reward!! Holy shit!!! the next round of combat he dispatches all the Ripper Swarms with ease (instant death bitches) whilst the lone Plaguemarine slays the last of the Gargoyles. Then to round off a perfect round the Death Leaper is finally brought low by the last remaining Zombies and the battlefield is mine!

Another win, another brilliant game against a top buddy from GAST with another stunning army to play against. God damn I love playing here! After our game we had the Award Ceremony where I won the 2 most dubious prizes going: most battle points scored and overall best general. I got a few boos and catcalls about been a cheesy dodgy immigrant with no sense of honour for using The Lord of the Flies in a fun event... LOL! ah well it is all in jest (I hope....). After we had finished with the prizes the last few players at GAST had a massive 8 player mega battle against each other for a laugh; the highlight of it for me was when my Zombie Champion challenged a Slaanesh Sorcerer in combat, got killed, but then the Sorcerer turned into a Spawn!!! LOL! I love this new Chaos Space Marine codex! It is so much fun!

The Tervigon

So that is it from me. I have my final exam for my Swedish course on Friday then it is off back to the UK for Christmas. I will probably post a few little bits and bobs up over the holidays but if not I just want to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



  1. Typhus lifts Manreaper on high... and then stabs himself in the face! BUGGER!


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